Wander Bra

Directed by Joven M. Tan
Rated: pg
Duration: 1hr 22min
Release Date: September 12, 2018
Genre: Action, Comedy

This breakthrough film features an uprising ensemble cast of Myrtle Sarrosa in the title role and Kakai Bautista as the equally heroic alter ego with Zeus Collins as the hunky leading man, Lassy Marquez as the steadfast best friend and Wacky Kiray as the formidable antagonist. The film also stars renowned veteran actors Gardo Versoza and Gina Pareno as well as a promising newcomer Brian Gazmen. The inspiringly long standing Joven Tan is both the writer and director of this highly anticipated film. This film is a story of an oblivious superhero who passed down her super powers in the form of the “Wander Bra” to an ordinary woman who becomes a supernatural woman every time she wears the magical bra. Aside from the fantasy, the film is also a tale of hope amidst life incessant challenges with love as the ultimate power of all.