Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap

Directed by Marius Talampas
Rated: r16
Duration: 1hr 50min
Release Date: November 28, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Eman (played by Pepe Herrera) teams up with his two friends: Toto (played by Jerald Napoles) and Carlo (played by Jelson Bay). They start out as the underdogs, failing at every opportunity to succeed in any of their small time scams. "Then a newbie is introduced to their group by Eman’s father (played by veteran actor Pen Medina). He decrees Nicoy (played by Paolo Contis) to become part of Eman’s group, breaking the tradition of having only 3 members per gang. Nicoy is met with adverse reactions but was eventually accepted by Eman and his friends, breathing new vigor and hope for their dream of succeeding in an ultimate scam."