Ang Pagsanib kay Leah Dela Cruz

Directed by Katski Flores
Rated: r13
Duration: 1hr 37min
Release Date: June 28, 2017
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

A troubled cop named Ruth has just moved into a small town when she witnesses a young girl named Leah jump out of her balcony. Gossip is spread and suspicions are raised as to why it happened and who should be blamed. Fingers are pointed at the nanny, Rosario, and the guidance counselor, Sis. Eloiza, who were seen performing suspicious acts to the young girl. As Leah's odd behavior escalates and Rosario dies a gruesome death, Ruth jumps on the case and scrambles to put the pieces together. However, the investigation takes a darker turn when Leah's possession is revealed and sinister connections between the people closest to her come bubbling to the surface. Soon, the devil's influence takes hold of not just Leah but also Ruth and everyone else around her.